Cheerio Distribution Statistics

While vacuuming today, I began to wonder why I even let Isaac have Cheerios. He throws them, feeds them to Lucy, crushes them, walks on them… anything but eats them. All it really does is creates more work for me. While continuing to vacuum, I amused myself by attempting to estimate what percentages of Cheerios wind up where. Here’s what I got:

45% will end up in the vacuum cleaner
25% are eaten by Lucy
10% are crushed into tiny pieces and have found new life amongst the carpet fibers.
10% are actually eaten by the boy
8% are in various locations of the house that I will never know about
2% are in places that I can’t reach with the vacuum cleaner and I’m too lazy to bend down and pick them up and I’m willing to leave for either the boy or the dog to enjoy at a later date.

Note #1: These estimates will fluctuate throughout the day. These are only averages.
Note #2: Goldfish crackers have a much higher consumption rate, both by the dog and the boy. And sometimes the mom.

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