Full Circle

We have had a rough couple of days.

Isaac has woken up in the middle of the night for several nights in a row. Whining turns to crying, which turns to screaming, at which point I check to make sure they’re no stuck legs or vomit or wet sheets and jammies. Some consoling takes place and the boy (after a bit more crying) goes back to sleep.

He’s also fighting naps quite ferociously. He’s been taking just one, but on some days I KNOW that he needs another. But, he’s not going to let that happen.

Then, this morning, he woke up about two hours earlier than he usually does. Which means, when he’s ready for that second nap that I know that he needs, he’s going to fight it (and probably win) and it’s going to be a bad night. Not for me, but for Derek’s parents, who are scheduled to watch this little man tonight while we go to Life Groups. 🙁

It seems our sleeping problems may have come full circle from one year ago. Here’s an excerpt from a post I made on 2/14/07:

Lorena came over today and gave me a (much needed) break from the screaming boy. He didn’t sleep ALL morning. She got here after he finally had a nap and played with him while I did a little cleaning, wrote lesson plans and met with a plumber type repair guy who was looking at our hot water heater, to see why the pilot keeps going out.

Strangely, the a/c guy came over yesterday to fix a little problem we’ve been having with our beloved cooling unit. Lorena did not come over. AND, I did not work on lesson plans.

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