ride, ride, slippity slide…


isaac’s girlfriend, cora, spent the day with us today. between naps, we took advantage of the nice weather and had a fantastic voyage around the neighborhood. cora kept slouching and then she’d cry. when i stopped to help her resituate, isaac would cry because we stopped. good times.

it actually was the highlight of our day. the rest was pretty stressful. cora did not like to be put down and isaac did not like her crying when she was put down, nor did he approve of me holding her. it’s quite funny, really, because he seems to pretty much care less about what i do, but apparently he has his limits.

i also got to meet the new baby jesse, whilst delivering a meal to josh and kim. he was sleeping which is hard for me to understand, but i hear that some babies do that. and he’s quite cute.

so, it was a long day (for me) and i am not sure why i’m on the wide wide world of web instead of drifting off to dreamland. i’ll just have to do something about that…. night night.

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