today’s exciting adventures…

in the lidbom home today:

one of us smashed their fingers with a rolling pin while the other one of us was reorganizing some cabinets in the kitchen. i’ll leave to you to figure out who was who. after this event, there was an overall state of crabbiness by the one of us who smashed their fingers.

therefore, we decided to get out of the house. we had a gift card to toys ‘r us, as well as a coupon for $3 off that they sent for the little man’s birthday. today would be the day to spend it all. after a few minutes of deliberation, we decided on an 80 piece set of lego duplo blocks. we currently own the GIANT legos and some regular legos (that are safely stored away until someone learns not to eat small objects). the giant legos aren’t really good for building stuff, so we desperately needed the in between size. they are currently scattered about the house in various locations.

anyhow. that’s our exciting day so far.
ok, maybe it’s not that exciting. it depends on your perspective, i suppose.

and an update…
isaac’s rash is much better today. he’s still got some on his arms and legs and neck, but it’s not hot to the touch and he is in a better mood today. (not counting any rolling pin accidents that may or may not have taken place).

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