Tom Brady Curse

ok, so remember all the media attention given to tom brady when he showed up at his girlfriend’s house [incidentally, not the mother of his child], wearing a boot?

although, i’m pretty sure we didn’t see each other during this time in superbowl history, jenn lawson and myself separately made fun of tom brady. i hoped that it was something serious and that this would interfere with their run to perfection. little did i know that the run would hit a wall with or without mr. brady’s booted leg.

well, last week, jenn went rollerskating (with kids, not on her own) and suffered a bit of an accident that resulted in her very own boot. you can read her account here. she was quite sure this was payback from her having mocked tommy b.

although i felt bad for her, i had to laugh a little at the irony of the situation, but i was quick to point out that i, too, had made fun of the boot, i was not suffering from any cosmic payback. hahhahahahaha….

then, yesterday at church, i was carrying the little man down some steps. as i approached the bottom, my croc caught on a step. forced to decide amongst: a) catching myself and dropping the baby, b) landing on the soft cushioning of a baby or c) trying to set the baby down safely while my ankle took on the brunt of my awkward fall, i chose c. not really chose. that’s just what happened. it wasn’t like the headlines you read about where mom’s do crazy things for their kids, but it wasn’t as if i had a say in the matter, either. my body just did it.

(note, as i sat on the steps in excruciating pain, isaac scrambled off to go up another flight of steps…clearly not understanding the sacrifice i just made for him).

i think it’s just a pretty bad sprain. i know i’ve had my fair share of ankle injuries. they were never for something this lame, though. so, we’ll see how it goes today and then decide if further action needs to be taken…

so, it appears the curse of tom brady is upon me. i urge you, if you made fun of the boot, to be on guard!

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