a day in the life of isaac


1. isaac went breakfast-less. not because i won’t feed him, but because he wouldn’t eat. not even a mound of cheerios on the floor.

2. i put him down for his morning “rest” (he doesn’t actually sleep, he just rests for about 45 minutes in his crib). he fell fast asleep for 2 hours.

3. when he awakened, he was quite cheerful. he even ate a wee little bit of lunch. then, he began to pluck his morsels of food from his tray and put them on the floor. each time, i told him no and gave him a little hand “thump”. after a few, i thought he would give up and possibly have a meltdown. nope. he just put the food on the floor, held his hand out for me to thump, winced, and then laughed. repeat. after about 7 or 8, he stopped. but because he wanted to, not because i was making him. 🙂

4. we played in and around the house in the afternoon. i hoped for a second nap, since the morning rest/nap was pretty early and it would make for a long evening w/o another nap. it didn’t happen.

5. around dinnertime, i went into the kitchen, where he had been playing quietly (always a bad sign), to discover that he had pulled every possible loose item out of all the cabinets and drawers and was working on putting all of our silverware into the garbage. we have a latch on the garbage cabinet, but it still allows the door to open just wide enough for a little man’s arm to squeeze through.

6. he went to bed at 7:00ish. apparently he suffered from some meltdowns after derek put more latches on the cabinets and drawers.

it was a busy day for the boy and the mom.

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