we had our first trip (this summer) to the pool today. a real pool. not the kiddie pool in the backyard.

isaac wasn’t really too interested in going in, but in his defense, it was still pretty chilly. he preferred to throw all of the toy into the pool, instead. he did have an unplanned dip, when he got to close the edge and wasn’t watching where he was going. luckily, i was close by and only a few gulps of water were taken in before i plucked him from the 12 inches of treacherous waters.





after his rough morning (aside from falling into the pool, he started off his morning by getting his leg stuck in the crib, and then rubbing sunblock into his eyes before we even got to the pool), he fell fast asleep on the 2 minute ride home and slept peacefully all afternoon. as did i. 🙂

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