slacktastic blogging

i haven’t been a particularly good blogger as of late. i’m not sure why. probably because things are pretty boring around here…

anyhooo, here’s an update of what’s been going on here…

1. i’m done tutoring. yay!! ok, not really, but i’m done with the year’s high school students. i’ll still be tutoring a sweet little rising 5th grader, but that’s a flexible situation and only a half an hour a week.

2. isaac is turning into a little man, right before my very eyes. he’s getting a little better at communicating what he wants and needs. mostly wants. and he’s getting really super good at expressing frustration when said need or want is not met. it’s trying at times, but relative to months 1 thru 3, it’s nothing! his best trick is to tell you “all done” whenever he’s done with something (being held, being changed, eating, sitting still for any reason, sleeping, bathing, etcetera).

3. we’ve performed drastic cosmetic surgery on our yard. i posted pics awhile back, but since then, we’ve completed the demolition of the leland cypresses and crape myrtles, and we’re contemplating our next move.

4. the veggie garden is rolling along. after a few bumps in the road with planting from seedlings, i finally got them in the ground successfully, only to see them die off almost immediately. we’ve since replaced them with more mature plants from the farmer’s market and i’ve resolved not to be a seedling hero for future gardens.

5. i’ve been making and decorating a lot of cakes. i’m in the second round of my cake decorating class. i think we learn how to make all different kinds of flowers. or something.

that’s about all. see… pretty boring. i told you.

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