isaac has been a really good helper lately.
he likes to help load the laundry from the washer to the dryer.
he likes to put his dirty diapers in the trash.
he puts his empty sippy cup in the sink (or sometimes the trash).
he picks up his toys when he’s done before he gets another.
he has his own vacuum and lawnmower.
he loves to wipe up messes on the floor.
he patrols the house for opened doors and chairs that are not pushed in and remedies the situation.

and my favorite, he loves to help clean the beaters from frosting making. here are some pictures:


i’ve been pretty busy around here lately.
tutoring is filling up pretty quickly. life group and youth group consume two more nights of my week. and then there’s all the cakes. i’m currently working on some fancy pants wedding cupcakes. and by some, i mean zillions. there’s currently 24 pounds of buttercream frosting in my refrigerator. that’s a lot of beaters for the boy to clean!

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