Sarah and Isaac take New York

On Friday morning, Isaac and I headed off for our first ever road trip alone. I was a little skeptical, but the boy was a total champ. He got a little cranky towards the end of each trip, but who wouldn’t after 10 hours in a car?

Here’s some pictures:

The ride up. Cookies and other delicious snacks were a big help:

Playing on the slide at Aunt Eleanor’s and Uncle Ray’s:

We paid a visit to the cows that reside across the street from Aunt E. and Uncle R.

Jake and Isaac playing house:

Jake and Isaac.

Playing in the leaves on the lower deck:

Dancing with Aunt Eleanor:

Jumping on the couch at Anna’s house (the Varland homestead):

The new puppy (Lilly), followed Isaac around, collecting various treats…

Working on a puzzle with Terry, who was a very encouraging audience:

After each successful puzzle piece application, Terry would cheer and slap his legs. So Isaac cheered and slapped his leg. After several completed puzzles, here’s the boy’s leg:

And then, the ride home. Non-nutritious snacks would abound.

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