it’s been a long couple of days in the lidbom home. isaac has been battling a cold for the last week or so, but yesterday he woke up in full fever mode. he was about 103F and quite crabby.

he spent morning in his favorite chair, eating animal crackers, sipping water and watching tv, all while looking quite pathetic. he took a short nap somewhere in there and some more nap with me on the couch. he perked up a little in the afternoon, but towards the evening, his fever went up a little. when i attempted tylenol, he vomited all of his day’s intake. good times. at least i had put a little crumb catcher blanket underneath him. that was a lifesaver.

we got the tip from the doctor’s office to try tylenol (or whatever drug tylenol is) in the other end of the boy. good times. after his bath, we gave it a shot and put him to bed. he slept a little and then woke up and threw up again. the rest of the night would not be good. we tried sleeping in my bed, on the couch, the loveseat, “his” chair, the rocking chair and finally his crib won out. i slept across the hall in the office, to spare myself trips up and down the stairs all night. there was probably about 3 total hours of actual sleep.

today, he seemed a little better all morning and his fever was down to the 100-101 range. he took an ultra short nap and woke up burning up again. we tylenoled once again (the normal way), laid on the couch some, and then tried a nap again. and he’s been asleep ever since.

that’s the story in our house.

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