the garden of 2009

on thursday, lorena and i (and two boys) went to the farmer’s market to pick up plants for this year’s garden. on saturday, in the upper 80 degree heat, i slaved away to get them all into the ground.
we have 10 roma tomato plants, 4 cherry tomatoes, 6 beefsteak (i think) tomatoes, 4 bell peppers, two mounds (4ish plants per mound) of pickling cucumbers, and a mound each of yellow squash and zucchini. the squash and zucchini didn’t look so hot this morning, so i’m working on nursing them back to health. i don’t know why, because i’ve always had the best luck in that prime location…
we also purchased basil, thai basil, chives, oregano, dill (see: pickling cucumbers), and cilantro. last year, i started most of my herbs from seed and they never quite took off.




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