Potty Update

Things on the potty training frontier are going super swell.

On Friday, we drove from NC to NY. We opted for a diaper, since it didn’t seem like he was really 100% getting it. On Saturday, we were back at it. Isaac only had one accident all day (and it was a #2, so that doesn’t really even count). On Sunday, we only had one #1 accident and yesterday just a #2 accident.

He’s even branched out from the use of the little potty. He’s used a big potty, even without a little seat over it. And his new favorite, dropping the undies outside and relieving himself in nature’s beauty.

So, I feel reasonably secure in saying that we’re well over the hump and even potty trained. Once again, I have passed through the gauntlet, going from a mom who receives much unsolicited advice to one who can freely give said advice. 🙂 (see also: pregnancy, breastfeeding, sleeping through the night, when to have a second baby, cloth vs. disposable diapers, and so on and on and on)…

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