we love the moon!!!

isaac loves to find the moon.
and point it out to us repeatedly from the moment that he finds it until we get in the house. he gets especially excited when it’s out during the daytime. bonus moon time.

he likes to play games with the moon. he’ll move to a new location so that it’s blocked by a tree or a house and ask, “where’d the moon go?”. we, of course, play along and say, “huh? i don’t know?” and he sprints back into proper moon viewing position and exclaims, “it’s right there, mom. see it? the moon? it’s right there!”…

my favorite thing that he does, though, is explain to us his version of what the moon is doing…
when he doesn’t see the moon, he tells us that it’s “sleeping”.
and last night, there were a lot of little clouds and they would occasionally float past the moon, but never fully obstruct it. when it was partially covered, he kept telling me that the moon was “broken”.

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