Mountain Vacation – Days 0 and 1.

We made it to the mountains on Friday evening with little fan fair. fan fare? whatever. we’re here.

On friday night, we unloaded, made a grocery run and headed down to the lake to feed the ducks and take a paddle boat ride. The duck pictures were a bit blurry and without faces, due to isaac’s violent throwing method and a tough angle for pictures. However, here’s a picture in the paddle boat. Isaac did most of the pedaling. Or paddling. Why are they called paddle boats? Hmmmm…


Yesterday, Saturday, our first full day, was a little overcast, and we had an extremely tired and cranky 2.5 year old on our hands. We opted for a low key morning, making our obligatory trip to the Mast General Store. There was a little blue grass quartet on the back deck, so we sat and listened that while enjoying bottled sodas. Can you see the tiredness in the boy’s eyes?


After a long and much needed nap, we went out to eat at Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse. I have had an increasingly strong desire to eat at Kimono in Winston and I was hoping this would satisfy that craving. Unfortunately, it was absolutely terrible… the food and the service. The only points I gave them were for leaving a ginormous squirt bottle of shrimp sauce on the table. 🙂
Anyhoooo… after that, we headed to the Banner Elk park and played and played and played. Isaac climbed everything there was to climb. Swung on all the swings. Slid down all the slides. And even conquered the monkey bars (with a wee bit of support from the mom).



Blue skies today… not sure what’s on tap…
We DO have a pretty sweet internet connection, so look for more updates. Unless you don’t care. Then, don’t look, I guess. 🙂

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