three year checkup.

isaac had his big three year checkup this morning. all morning long, he kept telling me that he didn’t want to get an “ouchie on his hand”. apparently, all he remembers from all the doctor visits in the past is the dreaded finger prick. could be worse. the good news was, this was a finger prick (and shot) free checkup. 🙂

after checking all of the physical stuff, the doctor started asking isaac some questions, i suppose to make sure he’s a smart cookie and developing at the right pace. he asked him his name, and isaac replied, “I-S-A-A-C”. showoff. and then his last name and he said, “timothylidbom”. isaac was very excited to showoff his sweet jumping skills. and after talking the doctor’s ear OFF for the entire appointment, the good doctor stated, “i see that speech and vocabulary are doing just fine…”

so, it went smoothly.
isaac is 40.5″ tall, which is pretty tall apparently.
and 33 pounds, which is in the middle apparently.


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  1. cute! btw…40.5" is only 19.5" away from my height 🙂

  2. In a couple months he is gonna look really big next to his baby sister!

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