Our First WS Dash Game

last night, we packed up and drove off to downtown winston-salem, to take in our first dash game at the new stadium. we had lots of fun…

i think we were in the ninth row.

isaac loves sprite. or any pop for that matter.

watching intently.

when the excitement of class a baseball wore off (after about 1 inning), we went to explore other parts of the park, such as the kid zone, which had an assortment of blow up bouncy apparatuses and a merry-go-round. isaac’s favorite is the big slide.

isaac did a really great job at being a baseball fan… cheering at the appropriate times, dancing when cued to dance, eating hot dogs, drinking carbonated beverages, walking the long long long haul from our parking spot to the stadium, riding on dad’s shoulders from the stadium back to the parking spot…

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  1. Sounds like the American dream- Glad you enjoyed it!

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