a few posts back, i made anna out to be a complete opposite to our sweet boy isaac. well, here it is a few days (weeks, even?) later and i’d like to retract some of that information…

isaac and anna are very very very similar. the main difference is that isaac cried all the time and anna does not. so, it’s a pretty big glaring difference. but, it’s still pretty much the only one.

lately, we’ve noticed that anna has a slight aversion to sleeping. she’s a little better than isaac, probably because she’s not frantic from so much crying. but, she likes to be awake, that is for sure. she has strung together some pretty long stretches here and there.

she’s also ultra alert. i think this contributes to her disliking sleep. she likes to be checking things out. her eyes are constantly scanning her surroundings and honing in on where the excitement is. (isaac is her favorite viewing subject).

dear sweet anna is also not a huge fan of just hanging out. unlike other babies that i see (and exactly like our first), she does not enjoy sitting in her car seat or a swing or a bouncy chair for any length of time. she likes to be on the move. changing up her scenery. much the same as the boy. i thought he would never let me put him down. but, then once he could move on his own and change his scenery on his own, he didn’t want to be held for the next 2.5 years. so, i’m not so worried about that with this girl. should i be?

finally, the last similarity is her strength. she’s already pushing herself up on her scrawny little legs. lifting up her head and looking around. shoving herself forward on her belly during tummy time. it seems i’ve got another mobile kid on my hands. i was rather hoping for on of those chilled out babies that likes to hang in their car seat while their moms chat away nearby. i guess it’s not meant to be for me…

so, to recap… the girl started out the opposite of the boy. but has morphed into pretty much the same baby. only on mute, this time.

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