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I'm in the market for a new name for my blog. If you couldn't tell, I
didn't work very hard making the jump from "about the boy" to "about
the boy and the girl"… It was a lazy choice. 🙂

Anyhooo… I'm taking suggestions… Any ideas?

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3 Replies to “Blog name”

  1. Blake (and sometimes Ashley) says:

    – A boy and something that will have PMS.
    – About a male and a female
    – A turtle and a hamburger
    – 2 Legit…Lidboms
    – Neologism involving a boy and a girl
    – about a birl
    – about a goy
    – Apples taste good
    – Stripes and polka-dots
    – about little people that cry a lot
    – IT and AD
    – Info Tech and Anno Domini
    – about 2 white kids who once lived in my uterus
    – Isaac and the female
    – Isaac and little sis
    – Big Brother and little sister
    – Big Brother and Anna
    – muchacho y muchacha

    I'm done.

  2. Lidbom += 2

  3. your best friend adam dixon says:

    liddle people

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