2 months.

tomorrow, the anna baby will be a full fledged 2 month old baby. it’s flying by.

here’s what’s happening with her:

she’s sleeping much much much much better. she’s still taking her daytime naps in the swing, but they can be two to three hours at a time, sometimes. and it still takes a little while to get her to go to sleep for night time, but we just turn on the tv and rock her until she drifts off, which seems to be the same amount of time (or less) than it takes in a quiet room with no distractions. so, for our sanity, we’ll rot our brains with america’s got talent and wipeout and last comic standing while letting the annababy do her thing. once she’s asleep for the night, we give her a “dream feed” where we just shove a bottle in her mouth while she’s still asleep to give her one last fill up to get through the night. she’s been going longer and longer. this morning, she didn’t wake up until 4:47.

she’s much more alert and fun when she’s awake. she’s full of smiles and coos. she seems so happy. it’s nice. she seems extremely close to finding her thumb, which will be terrific. i’m pretty sure i reinsert her pacifier upwards of 100 times a day. unfortunately, until she masters the thumb thing, she’ll be poking herself in the face and eye and getting pretty upset about that.

after a rocky first 6 weeks in the car seat, she seems ok with traveling now. not stopping. not waiting for me to load or unload her. but, she seems agreeable to the actual motion of travel. which is delightful. isaac absolutely hated driving and the car seat until about 6 months (when we put him in a more upright toddler car seat). i thought i was in for the same misery with this girl, but she’s changed her tune. being mobile helps a lot. being locked in your own house is not good for a new mom. i learned that lesson with the boy.

so, that’s where we’re at with this girl. she’s great. it’s fun. and i’m pretty glad we went ahead and had another baby, despite our first experience with little tiny people. 🙂

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