first swings.

the temps finally cooled down a bit yesterday, so we hit up the park with heather and her posse.

isaac would swing ALL DAY LONG if i would push him. he loves it. ps. check out the new hair cut (pics of that to come later):

we decided to let anna try out the swings for the first time. it looks like she’s not enjoying herself, but she swung for quite awhile without a peep. furrowed brow and all…

isaac is a great big brother:

heather talked me into taking this shot. 🙂

isaac was about the same age as the annababy when he took his first turn on the swing. he didn’t enjoy it as much as she did. i have two pics from that day… the one below and one of him screaming. i chose this one for my retro throwback sibling comparison pic of the day…

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