360 degrees

After many weeks of coming close, Anna has rolled over from her back to her belly, completing the 360 degree journey from belly to belly.

She is still struggling with a pesky arm that originally was obstructing the final phase of the rollover and is now becoming trapped underneath her when she completes the rotation.

Now, how long will it be until she strings together a few rolls to relocate herself? Probably too soon. Then crawling. Walking. College. Phew! It goes by so fast.

In related news, my iPhone can produce the following characters: []{}#%‰^*+=_\|~<>€£¥•…,?¿!¡’’‘”“„»«&§@¢$?)(;:/-—ë???äæãåñ?ï?öøœ?û… Et cetera… But nowhere. NOWHERE could I find a degree symbol.

2 Replies to “360 degrees”

  1. I’ve had that problem too. I ended up just using copy/paste because I need the characters saved for a tweet. But now I know it’s an option when you hold down the zero key. Please send your apology directly to Steve Jobs.

  2. hmph. i stand corrected. i stopped checking the #’s around 3 or 4.

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