making baby thingz

in an effort to keep from losing approximately 3 pacifiers per week, i decided it was time to invest in a clip attaching anna’s pacifier to her (tiny little) person. well, the choices were not aplenty, so i decided i would make my own. and here it is….

we have also been in need of some bigger bibs, now that anna is a full fledged baby food eater. she’s pretty busy and distracted, so eating can become quite messy. i decided to repurpose some old white towels. my first attempt uses some delightful cupcake patterned fabric i scored from the remnant bin at joann’s.
so, here’s that:

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  1. I love all of your sewing projects! Wow! You are awesome Sarah!

  2. So when are you opening the baby boutique? : ) I don’t seem to remember quite this much sewing for the boy.

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