well, the anna baby is 100% mobile. she was utilizing a combo belly crawl and inch worm technique for a week or so, but has developed a nice little rhythmic crawl. an efficient one.

shortly after mastering (slightly obtaining?) this skill, she moved on to pulling up. onto everything. which has increased the occurrences of bumps and bruises exponentially. at least, unlike isaac, she’s willing to let go of whatever she’s holding onto and plop to the ground. he would just stand there and scream. she’s tough, too. she doesn’t seem to bothered by most of the falls. she’s got a collection of red spots on her head at all times. war wounds.

all of this new found freedom is driving isaac insane. she wants to crawl all over him. pull up on him. play with what he’s playing with. he doesn’t always appreciate spontaneous sharing.

we’re also learning that anna loves to put things in her mouth. (well, we knew, but could easily prevent). isaac never did. anna eats everything. combined with her mobility and getting into everything, she’s found some interesting treats. today, she found a leftover piece of cheese on isaac’s lunch plate. she likes any tiny little piece of wrapper or paper or dog food or money or dog fur or pieces of leaves… and so on.

well, that’s what’s going on here.

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