veggie tales cupcakes

isaac will be four (what?!?!?!) next tuesday. his school party is tomorrow. after much deliberation as to whether he wanted super mario (again), toy story, angry birds (my favorite idea) or veggie tales, he finally settled on veggie tales. so, i made them today. i like all of the characters except for the stupid peas that just look like blobs with blobby features. oh well, whatever.

the whole harvest:

larry the cucumber:

junior asparagus:

some girl:

bob the tomato:

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  1. Note to self: do not read Sarah’s blog with Kendall nearby. She saw the pictures of the cupcakes, jumped up and down and squealed and said “Mommy can you make that?”


  2. I found your Veggie Tale cupcakes on a pin on Pinterest. After looking at the date of your blog post, I am afraid to ask this question…Do you remember what tips you used for icing your cupcakes. My daughter wants a Veggie Tales birthday party and I was looking for some inspiration. THANK YOU! -Emily-Anne

  3. no worries. i just used various sized circle tips for the veggie tales characters. then, when necessary, i smoothed it out a bit with a slightly wet offset spatula.

    i was pretty much winging it on these. 🙂

  4. I second Jenn’s comment. I’ve got a little boy screaming too!

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