cupcake cake pops

so, some pals and i are throwing a baby shower for our other pal jessica. somehow, bridgette and i got the bright idea to try to make cake pops for the event. they’re like truffles on a stick. only the inside of the truffle is mashed up cake and frosting and the outside looks prettier than a truffle…
we borrowed the cake pop book by bakerella and settled on skipping the boring old cake balls, and getting right to making cupcake cake pops. we had some trial and error and wound up with 18 usable pops. 🙂

it was a lot of fun to try something new. cupcakes get a little boring. they’re easy and i like making them. but, they are definitely getting boring. plus, i have an order for 200 cupcakes for thursday, so it’s probably best that i get a nice clean slate before tackling that project. 🙂

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  1. Love these, Sarah! Next time you make them, let me know….. I’m interested!

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