fact: robots <3 cupcakes.

i have had this idea for a painting for annababy’s room in my head for a very very long time. only, it would require i dig out my painting stuff. take inventory. go to michaels and get the colors that i needed. set up shop somewhere in a house that has been taken over by little people. and find time to actually paint it.

well, today, i had some time to kill before picking up ike at school, so i inventoried. had the right colors to paint the background. decided on colors to buy at michaels. went to michaels with both lid kids. put anna down for a nap. set ike up to paint next to me. and finally, completed the vision.

without further ado:

2 Replies to “fact: robots <3 cupcakes.”

  1. I love it!!!! it’s awesome!

  2. SUPER SWEET. You’re the best mom!!

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