it’s 73 degrees right now.
it’s been the most beautiful of days, and we took full advantage.

we started our day with a visit from our small friend maya, daughter of heather, who went up to the hospital for the day to spend time with her mom. isaac and maya played for a bit, while anna napped. then, at 11, we packed up and headed to good old kernel kustard, to eat outside and visit with an out of town visiting friend. getting out with three was a bit more hectic than two, but we managed.

we basked in the sun and ate our tasty meals (and rainbow cake) for a couple of hours before reloading and heading off to the park to play with ike’s friend luke and family… the boys ran themselves into the ground and anna and abigail played happily in the warm sun. anna is now passed out happily in her crib. isaac is vegged out on the couch. and i’m getting some peace and quiet. yay.

anyhow, here’s some pictures of our sun enjoyment.

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