one small step

i meant to post about this last week when it actually happened. but, my plans often get thwarted by these tiny needy people that are constantly hovering around me.

lately, anna has upgraded from cruising along stationary objects to using a ride on toy to gain access to all open floor space. often with the ride on toy, obstacles present themselves. or she finds herself stuck in a corner. or it overturns. at first, an older lidkid or mom would have to come to the rescue and and get her straightened out. but, quickly, she learned to manhandle the ride on toy and get it back into a drivable position. in fact, she can lift it completely off the floor and fling it to some other location and continue on her way. she’s got amazing balance and she’s really strong. but, she still seems pretty hesitant to take a lone step.

but, the other day, i noticed she had let go of the car and seemed to want to give it a go. i quickly hopped down next to her and she flashed a big (lopsided teethy) smile at me and took one lone unassisted step before collapsing into me. since then, she’s taken a step or two here or there, but pretty much seems content to let crawling (like a ninja) be her primary mode of transportation. which is ok by me, since the other lidkid is like a tornado of destruction and likes to knock her down any chance he gets.


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