rainbow cupcakes

yesterday, while i was making the pink and purple shower cupcakes, isaac was begging and begging to help. i convinced him that we could try to make some sweet rainbow cupcakes later. and then later we did…

helping mix batter.

the colored batter and paper cups, ready to go:

purple, blue and electric green…

all ready to go.

in the oven. i just thought they looked cool.

fresh out of the oven.

on lone cupcake, awaiting frosting.

i couldn’t wait to cut one open and see a cross section.

the finished frosted treat.

isaac, giving the final test for tastiness (it passed).

even the wrapper was pretty.

although they are pretty cute, i’m not sure all the washing and mess was worth it. and i was abandoned by my helper (a continuing theme) about 2 or 3 colors in. oh well….

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