put a coat on, you’ll catch pneumonia!

this post is a bit overdue. on monday, anna’s doc diagnosed her with pneumonia. here’s the story.

last wednesday, we noticed she had a fever. or maybe it was tuesday. ok, maybe we aren’t that good at “noticing”. but, she for sure had a fever wednesday and thursday. but, it was low. like 101ish. so, on thursday, with the long easter weekend looming ahead, we called the doctor’s office to see if we could get an appointment to check out the girl’s ears and such.

shot from thursday:

he took a gander, and determined that there was no ear infection and that she probably just had a little virus. he said her fever would probably go away saturday or sunday. but, if on monday, it hadn’t, to schedule an appointment for monday. well, ok. i went home.

on that night (thursday), anna woke up at like 11 or so with a 104 degree fever. then, she proceeded to vomit all over me. (side note: i never would have imagined that i would be glad to take the bullet on the baby vomit so that it didn’t go all over the couch or flower. i mean, my clothes can be laundered and i can shower. but, furniture and carpet… i’m not really feeling midnight steamcleaning). anyhow, we just kept her medicated with ibuprofen and tylenol and waited for the magical moment when her fever broke.

she cried and whined all day friday. saturday. and then easter. derek stayed home with her while i went to church with ike. and i stayed home with her, while he went to easter lunch with his family. and, we didn’t notice it at the time, but looking back, she was sleeping more and more each day. and somewhere over the weekend, she added a nasty cough to her symptoms.

shot from saturday:

monday morning, she still had a fever. and then she projectile vomited again. (all over me again. yay. no really. yay). so, we called for an appointment. she slept all day and at 115, we went in. no ear infection. chest x-rays ordered. and then, the diagnosis. pneumonia. they gave her a big thick dose of antibiotic in the office and started her on an oral antibiotic for 10 days. (i was not very excited to hear this news, since the last antibiotic resulted in a ridiculous situation in her diaper. more specifically, it tore up her butt). (actually, i wasn’t that sad, because it would make her healthy). 🙂

at the doc:

on tuesday, her fever lowered. but, she was still tired and cranky and clingy and whiny.
on wednesday, the fever was gone. still a little of the above.

here she is, quite proud of herself that i gave up on making her take an afternoon nap, tuesday. (in other words, she’s feeling back to her normal self, resisting naps, making me crazy, etcetera):

and today, she’s completely back to her usual self. currently, she’s over ten feet away from me, which i don’t think has happened since thursday, aside from when i escaped the house and left the clinger with derek. we just went to the doc and we’re in the clear. we’ll finish up the butt shredding antibiotic and be done with this pneumonia thing. yay!

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  1. the last pic is adorable! maybe because the others are so pathetic. poor baby!

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