schroeder farewell cupcakes

we attended a little farewell party for our good friends mike and carlye who are moving to Kansas city in a few days or weeks or some such short time frame. Rather than make my typical box cake with buttercream and a stupid fondant decoration, I decided to offer more grownup options…

Chocolate chip cookie dough:

Cherry limeade:

Cookie dough limeade spread. (the frosting-less cookie dough is for mike, who only likes cake and hates frosting and this makes no sense to me whatsoever).
Some plain vanilla cupcakes for the kids so they keep their paws off of the grownup (and more expensive and labor intensive) flavors:

And a shot of Anna enjoying a bit of confectionery delight.

ps. don’t tell anyone about these. i came out of cake retirement for my good pals, but i’m running back to a frosting free existence.

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