the quilt for my mom.

for christmas, i decided to make my mom a quilt. first, i thought about making a patchwork quilt from a massive pile of retro/vintage fabrics i picked up at a yard sale years ago. when i couldn’t really determine the quality of the fabrics, i changed my mind.

then, one day, while perusing fabrics at the fabric store, i found a jelly roll of figgy pudding fabric by basic grey. it seemed a perfect fit for my mom’s cabin decor and woodsy christmas theme. so, i bought it.

next up, perusing the internet for ideas on what to make with only a jelly roll, since the fabric is out of print now and impossible to find anywhere. i finally settled on 16 patch squares and got to work.

so, here i am. quilt top done.


i bought this backing fabric at a shop in boone last weekend, but i’m not too sure about it now. i might hit up a few shops to see if something else looks better.


that’s all.

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  1. you do realize that figgy pudding is a scrap paper line right?!?! 😉

  2. I love it!!!
    I am going to start a quilt on Friday. I got a sewing machine for my birthday and I want to make something special for Rusty. He has a king size bed – so it’s going to be a whopper – I have two rolls of this awesome woodsy flannel fabric – I have a Strip Happy quilt book that I’m going to use to guide me.

  3. sweet. starting with a king??? you’re braver than i. post pics!

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