five years.

in january, ike turned five.

every year, we get further and further behind in scheduling his checkup. for shots and/or insurance, they have to be a full year apart and usually we go about a year and a few weeks… so, my point is, we went for his checkup on wednesday. may 9th. 🙂

i made the executive decision at his four year checkup not to have any shots and save them all for one final blast when he turned five and went to school. procrastination.

isaac cried all the way there. no bribery, reassurance, explanations, rewards, or compassion could break his stance. he had a little eye test and hearing test and did fine. he was 46 inches tall (90th percentile) and 47 pounds (79th percentile). i never think of him as a particularly large kid, but he still continues to be quite tall.

the doc came in and checked him out, while he continued to sniffle and worry about the upcoming shots. isaac showed off all of his 5 year old tricks. and then it was time.

four shots total. bleh. i had anna with me, so while she cried and hung off my leg, i held down the hysterical boy, while the nurse made her way through two shots on each leg. isaac screamed and screamed. he was red and sweaty by the time the ordeal was over. he tensed up so much that he instantly bruised from one of the shots. as we walked out of the room (still crying loudly), all the nurses looked at us sympathetically. still a bit angry, isaac turned down the sticker.

we loaded up and headed home for ice cream. and a sweet toy.
so, that’s it on immunizations until 6th grade, apparently. thank goodness.

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  1. I hated that day for Jacob as well. And I worried about the 6th grade ones, but they did those at school, I wasn’t there, and to him it wasn’t a big deal. Whew. And it sure beats having measles, mumps (I actually had them), or rubella, or hepatitis, etc.

  2. I sympathetically tearing up as I read.

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