and then the crazel was six.

after thanksgiving, the next major event in the lidbom calendar is the birthday of one hazel grace lidbom. somehow she’s already six.

the crazelnut is still super hilarious, always trying to be the class clown of the family. she’s super smart and now loves to read. she is snuggly, sweet, and generous, and i’m told that she often gives away most of her lunch and/or coat to other kids at co-op. she currently loves minecraft and frozen and stranger things and paw patrol is pretty much dead to her.


since things get hectic during christmas season pretty quickly, we decided to have her party the weekend before her birthday. and after months of plotting her cake, the recent release of frozen 2 solidified her plans to have a frozen themed cake and birthday. so with my orders confirmed, i set to work on the cake. (side note: when we sold all of our possessions to go on the road, for some reason, i kept the snowflake fondant cutters from anna’s birthday, because somehow, deep down, i must have known that my frozen birthday cake days would never be over).

i’ve slowly been reinvesting in my cake making/decorating supplies (aided greatly by my birthday windfall a few weeks previous), but i still had to make do with a limited tip arsenal, as i attempted to bring my vision to life. we picked up some frozen 2 figurines, that could double as cake toppers and a gift. hazel tried to talk me into putting them all on there (there were like 4 more), but we compromised with this arrangement. i think she was pleased.

we only invited a handful of friends to her party and a couple couldn’t make it thanks to the plague sweeping through the region. but for those who did, we kicked things off with making some christmas ornaments. always a fan fave.

for lunch, we obviously had pizza. standard birthday fare.

the party then moved outside, for an unplanned activity. derek piled up some leaves and the kids and ruby went to town.

once they had their fill, and pizza was digested enough, it was cake time. hazel loves to have people sing to her. also, you’ll notice isaac’s friend alden in the pics. they live just down the road and when i had texted his mom about being bummed about all the party cancellations, she offered to send her sweet kiddo, who hazel ADORES, and it made her day.

after the cake was feasted upon, the kiddos played for a bit, while grownups chatted. hazel’s best friend from co-op is this sweet girl, lochlyn. (she was actually the only person hazel wanted to invite until i talked her into a few more friends). they tucked away into a corner to play with the new frozen figurines.

meanwhile, the older brothers and isaac played some card games. when the party cleared out, we kept alden, which was ok with hazelnut. 😉

just as we had recovered from the sugar rush and chaos of her birthday party, hazel’s actual birthday day was upon us. we kicked things off with some birthday pancakes and gift opening.

and then, the obligatory photoshoot. it’s not easy to get a pic of this weirdo. here’s the best i got.

for lunch, we went to mexican. unlike the other two lidkids who would be mortified to have any attention cast upon them by strangers, hazel told me to tell the server it was her birthday and she would like them to sing to her. she’s a mess.

and. since we already had the epic cake for the birthday party, i whipped up some frozen-ish cupcakes for our little family only celebration.

onto year seven for the forever baby of the fam…

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  1. Happy Birthday, Hazel! We love you!

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