Memorial Day Weekend

It is the last day of Memorial Day weekend. The actual Memorial Day. We went to the beach on Saturday and stayed for the night. There were millions of beach party kids and it was packed out.
We had the pleasure of staying next door to some drunk White Trash couples who got into an argument at 3:45 and were slamming doors. Then the ladies were talking and drinking loudly outside of our door (I think to SPITE the men, and aggravate all the neighbors). Anyhoo… The cops came and they quieted for awhile, but not until we had missed an hour of sleep. Also, it turns out, one of the women was a hotel employee and the hotel didn’t seem to be concerned much, when we reported it. The hotel was: Best Value Inn and Suites in Wilmington. For anyone concerned.

It was raining Sunday (a recurring theme for us), so we headed back to Winston.
Today we are just lounging, working on our sites, maybe doing some stuff to prepare for our NY trip on Thursday.

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