School’s Out For Summer!

Well, that’s it. It’s over. We graduated the kiddies on Friday and we had a couple of mandatory teacher workdays, but I’m now officially done for the summer. Sort of. I’m teaching summer school in a couple of weeks. Got talked into that somehow. 🙁
We’re getting things ready to go to NY for a few days. We leave first thing in the am. I’m excited. Haven’t been home in 6 months. Since Christmas. Until the next episode…….

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  1. Miriam Todd says:

    Well, you really are something else! I know that I will keep in touch with you from time to time, but I must tell you that I will miss you tomorrow. You have been such a delight and I don’t mind your teasing me about being an old lady. I can’t wait to make some pistachio bark and I will think of you as I eat every piece. Have a wonderful trip! Your “old lady” friend, Miriam

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