S. Lidbom

I got my name tag yesterday.
Now I’m “official”. Or, actually, now I just won’t get confused students looking for someone in the trailer next door.

Things are alright. I actually got TWO WHOLE DAYS ahead in my lesson plans, giving me a lot of peace of mind, tonight.

What am I going to do with my time, you ask??
Simple. I’ll be going to bed in about 6 minutes. 🙂

3 Replies to “S. Lidbom”

  1. The tag really adds to the exterior decor of the trailer park! I loved visiting your class today. The kids really do love you…a sign of your excellent teaching! Have a great weekend and get lots of REST!

  2. Thanks for the sticks, Teresa. Doyle is probably in a DEEP DEEP depression this weekend. Poor guy.

  3. Whoa!! your moving up in the world you have your own sign! man i want my own sign! ::sighs:: (lol) o well like i always say the teachers have a lot of guts! they put uo with alot of crap i couldnt deal with! i’d have too be killing somone! those kids are so annoying. they get on my nerves and i dont have too teach em! i appreciate teachers lol. see ya later! whenever…

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