Trailer Park

This picture/journal entry serves two purposes:

1. To update my faithful following (hi mom!) that I have started school at Forbush High School in lovely Yadkin County. Teacher reported back yesterday and the students will come in full force next Monday. I have three more workdays and lots of non-work time to get prepared. And…
2. My classroom is in a trailer. And it’s lovely. It’s a double wide, and I’m real proud of her. It has it’s positives and negatives. But, I just hate that Trailer Park Stigma! 🙂

[Note: I took this photo with my new camera phone. I’ll be investigating a real-time journal solution for my site. Stay tuned…]

12 Replies to “Trailer Park”

  1. Your trailer is lovely. It needs some party lights and a couple of plastic whirly flowers out front. Just kidding!

    Actually it just needs some flowers etc to hide the giant spools of thread holding it up.


  2. the spools are not holding it up – that is an illusion. the spools are actually giant heavy drums to keep people from ramming the trailers.
    and about the flowers: i am just past the threshold of maximum busy-ness, so i’ll do that at a later date….

  3. and it needs a cardboard door!

  4. know anyone that does that sort of stuff?
    what version are you running???

  5. How was the first day in the trailer? Did the kids listen? Do you miss us yet? Life is just not the same without you at YSA. I’m sending HUGS!!!

  6. the kids were GREAT!!
    they listened to me. without screaming five hundred times. they took notes.
    they smiled and laughed.
    they said “yes, ma’am”….
    🙂 i do miss you guys though. you should have seen josh. all dressed up in his tie. 🙂

  7. briana (bre-aun-na) says:

    **-**mrs.lidbom, ur website is so cool**-**love ya! see ua tomorrow at school!!!!!

  8. Gabriel Lowder says:

    HEY MRS. LIDBOM!!!!!!!!!! Your site is Killer!! Its so so Awesome! Rock ON!

  9. word. thanks guys. 🙂

  10. It was so great to visit with you in the trailer and catch up a little bit. I’m way too productive without you around to distract me! I loved your kids’ comments about the website…see, they love you! Happy Friday!

  11. -*Miranda*- says:

    hey i’m gettin ready to come to your class in like 30 minutes..i’m sittin here bored in career mgmt. so i thought i would veiw your website..It great!..C*yah in a few! 🙂

  12. lol guess who!! it’s me again! i’m slow at reading your site! but i had too say hey the trailer park is cool. I spent most of my last semester in mobile 4 with Mrs.Sizemore for teen living! and now i’m a trailer park queen because most of my classes are in the trailers. it’s pretty cool in the trailers you have alot of privacy and no one bothers you that much. the teachers in the trailers i believe have alot more freedom then the ones in the buildings. My dad is watching Passion of the christ and im sitting here watching it and typing at the same time. how am i doing lol.. see ya later. Whenever…

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