Golden Eye

It’s been a rough couple of days with Lucy. We were quite worried at first, because there didn’t seem to be a food in the world that could hold her attention for more than 3 seconds. You can’t really reward a dog if they don’t care. Kind of like kids without anything you can “tap into”. Anyhow, she’s a little better about that. She’ll stick with you for some Filet Mignon. 🙂

Nights in the crate have been extremely tough for the Dog Wonder. She has gotten progressively worse, since the first (quiet and peaceful) night. We moved her crate to the basement to not annoy our neighbor, and hopefully this will allow us to ignore her (and not give in), and she’ll get over it quickly.

She’s learning a few things. Like playing fetch and sitting and her name and “No!”. She’s got a lot of work though…..

And that’s the update on Lucy Lu.

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  1. Hey Lidbom! you never respond too my little poo entries! so i will just keep leaving em! n e ways. I just wanted too say your doggie is so purdy!! do you want a chihuala or however its spelt… this do let me tell you, he barks all the time.. never shuts up (LOL) just kidding my dad would kill me.. n e ways. i’ll see you at school 2 morrow! i gotta go study for the PSAT’S. i thought i would take em.. cus i want something like that too take just too see how ill do.. it looks pretty hard.. so wish me luck!!

  2. Sarah,
    Sounds like little Lucy Lu may have been an economically disadvantaged pup and hasn’t had the same experiences as those from more financially stable homes…just like the kids, you know! If they’ve never seen books, we cannot expect them to have an instant love for learning. I suspect that Lucy will pick up pretty quickly once she has more exposure to your lavish home and undivided attention. If not, she may be a slow learner and need some modifications! How’s that for TEACHERese?

  3. I definitely think she needs extended time seperate room. She’s so A.D.D. it’s not funny. Like little Scotti. 🙂

  4. I think we should have Celebrity Boxing. Only it can be Yadkin County Teacher’s Boxing. First match: Logan v. Nicholson. Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!

  5. What’s the prize? Time alone with Sarah?

  6. No, that would be for the LOSER.
    The prize would be the sweet feel of victory. Does everything have to have a reward? Don’t you just ever want to do something for yourself? Like BEAT a fellow educator?

  7. mrs. lidbom, what up! Its alan just checking out the web site. Nice looking dog. I remeber u saying something about checking out the site so i thought i would check in, u know how i do. Well i guess ill talk to u lata. Make up a good lesson plan now! Tell ur dog i said hey. E-mail me or talk to me on the little aim thingy sometime. Peace up

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