Just Another Manic Monday

Just checking in…

Not much to report here. School is as usual. The kids come. They sit. They bore. They talk. They leave. I start the process over again. It’s magical.

Lucy is starting to settle in. At least we think that’s what’s happening. She’s a lot more (very a lot more) playful. The house is scattered with doggy-slobbered toys. Her favorite is a squeaky hedge hog that Derek’s mom gave her. She carries it like a proud Mama. If only she still had her womanhood. Poor Lucy.

That’s really about all I have to report. I shouldn’t even be doing this. I got sidetracked while I was printing pages from the online text for my class — since I forgot to bring my textbook home. 🙂 Silly teacher.

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  1. Manic Monday…you all must have had a much more mundane day that we did! Boy, I think the moon must be in its fullest phase this entire month. What is it? Miss us yet? WE MISS YOU!!! (I do anyway…I can’t really speak for the rest of them! 😀 )
    Did I tell you that Cissy had a hysterectomy and is out for the next six weeks or so? I took her some lunch today and she is doing pretty good. She is so bored already and ready to be up and moving about.

  2. What poor soul has the honor of taking her place for the next six weeks? Ouch.

    I get observed soon. :/

  3. Believe it or not, Cissy has a long-term sub. They were thinking of calling you to see if you were ready to come back yet but I told David just to save that call!
    When is your first observation? You will do great! Let me know, though, so that I can be thinking of you that day!

  4. do you think that “thinking of me” will help me do better? the overwhelming power of thought. 🙂 just joking. i think it’s 9/29… 4th period, possibly. alrighty THEN.

  5. OK…I’ll just forget that date, mark it off the calendar, totally forget that the 29th is a real day! Or, would you just prefer that I pray for calmness for you?

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