Just Lucy and Me

It’s been just me and Lucy here for awhile. Derek has been out of town (in Vegas) since Tuesday. He’ll be back this Tuesday.
I took Lucy to a Forbush football game on Friday night. They lost. Lucy frollicked with my mentor’s puppy. Then, we returned to scenic Yadkinville on Saturday to play with Teresa and her puppies and her “friend” Savannah. If I recall, it’s her cousin’s daughter.

Other than a few trips to the park and my trip to church, the weekend was uneventful.

And so begins another week….

5 Replies to “Just Lucy and Me”

  1. Derek comes home today!!!

  2. You never updated us on how your teacher onservation thing went.

    Have you talked to Jen Dubya since she had Benjamin?

    Jenn (Smith) Mason

  3. I posted a comment on the last Journal Entry about the observation and such. Check it out. And no, haven’t talked with Woodyard Kipling since the baby came out. I should call her…..

  4. I’m so glad Derek is returning. You and Lucy look so lonely on this picture!

  5. Yeah, we were pretty pathetic. To the park and back. On a walk and back. I don’t think Lucy remembers Derek. Poor Derek.

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