Frazzled Nerves

So……. My teaching observation is almost here. Seems like just yesterday, that I found out the date and started stressing. And, now, it’s here. And I’m still stressing. I’ve barely eaten since Sunday night, and I anticipate my lack of hunger will only grow. The lack, that is. Not the hunger. Then, I think I’ll reward myself tomorrow night. Pizza? Milkshake??

16 hours and counting…..

I’ve already decided that if it doesn’t go well, I’ll just quit. It’s like a video game, if you get a bad start, just start over. 🙂 (Not really…. Just in case there’s any people concerned out there….)

Well, this will probably be my last entry until 1325 hours tomorrow. Your thoughts, prayers and any other useful tools would be appreciated…. 🙂

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  1. it’s all over!! i feel so relieved. and lo and behold, it wasn’t nearly as bad as i thought. well, it was pretty stressful. when they left the room, i was happier than when i climb a mountain. happier than getting a cool christmas present. happier than reaching a new weight loss goal (which i have had in the last few days of stressful “dieting”…)

    it’s over. *** long sigh ***

  2. I’m so glad for you! I hope you felt the sense of peace and confidence that I prayed so fervently for on your behalf. I was beginning to wonder if you were going to make it. Then, I thought about the champion athlete and knew that you could pull it off…just like playing your biggest rival! Did you see a Ram among them? Let me know how the post-conference goes!

  3. Man u sure dont update much.. but n e ways that guy from the band that i thought was hot.. well i got my picture taken with him and he is 21 and married 🙁 ::sighs:: well his name is Joe he was hot.. ill send u copys of the pictures when Chelsie send ems too me. well i hope your observation went well i dont want u too quit her a cool teacher and i love joking around with you.. especially bout the Mr.Nicholson thing! that keeps me going. well ill talk too ya later Lidbom! see ya!

  4. OK. Here’s the official update:

    It wasn’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated. Although, I suppose, I secretly anticipated that it wouldn’t be as bad as I openly anticipated. Secret to even me. But, anyhoooo….
    It was fine. I was quite nervous, but they probably expected that. My strengths — as stated by them, not me — were: my relationships with the kids and the environment created in my room, and maybe some others. Then, my faults: I need to SLOW DOWN.
    So, it’s all behind me and over with and I can move on. Except I have 3 left this year. I can start making myself sick over the next one. (The good news is – it’s unannounced, so I won’t be increasingly sick as the date approaches, it will be more of a long and mild state of stress and nausea. Good).

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