Belated B-day

Yesterday was my birthday. I’ve been so so very very super super busy. I think I have been at school for 34 hours in 3 days. Not bad. It’s not the time, just the amount of stuff I have going on. I’m tired.

Anyhoooo…. Derek and I ate at Arigato and I ate too much. Then we got milkshakes from Cookout – to top off the “way too much” from Arigato.

I’m battling a very long ongoing cold/cough and that made my evening and night miserable. Bleh. That is all.

4 Replies to “Belated B-day”

  1. Jacob F. from YSA says:

    Happy belated B-Day! My mom’s birthday was today. I hope you get well soon, and you should take a break from all the hoodlums at FHS and go to Hawaii.. or somethin’.. Having that many kids around you can’t be good for your health.. Anyways, take care. 🙂

  2. I think I’m still full from that meal.

  3. it is the hoodlums that make me sick. they bring their diseases in and put them on their homework and hand it in… and i grade it and i get sick. thugs.

  4. aww i guess im a hoodlum. i go to FHS lol.. well Lidbom i know this is late but happy Very belated birthday. mine was the 4th of November. well see ya around!

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