Home Sweet Home

We are in NY. We travelled home last night and got here around 2 am. It was one of the longer seeming trips we’ve taken. Partly because it was rainy most of the way and we left at 3:30 pm and Lucy was restless for the whole trip. We are in Buffalo, right now, hanging out with Les-o-lie. Lucy met Ollie and Shelby and then wrassled with Ollie. Now they are all lounging on the floor. Jake’s trying to aggravate all of them. Leslie is coloring Julie’s hair red and black and all sorts of rainbow-y goodness.

Well, that’s about it. Three days of rest and relaxation. Oh, and mixed in the middle of that is my 10 year reunion. To be chronicled in detail later….

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  1. Glad to hear that you arrived safely for some well-deserved time with your family! Jim said the ballgames last night were AWESOME. Falcons came out victorious over the Rams in all games…Go BUSH!!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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