Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve.
We’re in Batavia, NY.
It’s bitter cold.
I have consumed a great amount of delectable Christmas treats. I feel disgusting.
We are now just awaiting family to arrive to have our Christmas Eve celebration and our Christmas Morning Gift Unwrapping Extravaganza (FREE FOR ALL). There’s no waiting turns or patient watching while someone opens your gift. We sort. Everyone opens. And in about 5 minutes it’s over. And then we sleep some more. And lounge around and eat more crap all day long. There you have it. The Christmas holiday in the Schiavone-Paine-Wandryk-Molloy-Lidbom Home.
I’ll see if I can’t get a photo of the madness tomorrow… it would, afterall, mean a break in MY opening efforts. We’ll see…

6 Replies to “Christmas Eve”

  1. Merry Christmas! Did you get just what you wanted?
    I hope you’re enjoying yourself with all the family there…sounds like fun! We’re home alone with the doggies and it is finally quiet around here.
    We had our annual lovefeast at church last night then lots of festivities with our families today. We ate way too much but it was FUN!

  2. As a card carrying member of the Schiavone-Paine-Wandryk-Molloy-Lidbom household, i think i speak for everyone when i say we truly missed Sarah Powers this year.

  3. i know. it wasn’t christmas without a visit to the Schiavone-Paine-Wandryk-Molloy-Lidbom household. i promise i won’t miss it again.

  4. It’s ok that you missed it, SarahPowers. Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Ray skipped out too. I think no one likes our family.

  5. “Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Ray skipped out too. I think no one likes our family.”

    Not even our family seems to like our family.

  6. Some of the family likes some of the family. Sometimes.

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