To NY Again

We are heading back to NY tonight (after our game against Mt. Tabor). This is a snapshot of part of our Christmas journey last year. It was quite nightmarish for awhile (in West Virginia). Hopefully, better weather will prevail and trip will be smooth and danger free.

School is finished. I will run up there today to check my test scores. The measure of my teaching skills — NC End of Course Tests. It’s lovely, I tell you. This will likely be my last post here for awhile…. Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Update: All my kids (except one, which was expected) got 3’s and 4’s on the EOC. I’m pretty relieved. Maybe they’ll let me keep teaching at Forbush.

  2. Great teaching, Sarah! You’re learning this game much quicker than most!
    I have to hand it to you…you are a master cookie maker…and decorator! I loved all my goodies but the cookies were the BEST! I will cherish my little card also!
    Hope you all reached NY with no problems this year and will enjoy a memorable holiday with your family. Talk to you in the New Year!

  3. By “Learning the Game”, do you mean: that recognizing all of my efforts to make math meaningful and enjoyable to my kids can be rendered meaningless if said kids do not fare well on the EOC? On the standardized test that proves our worth as a school system and as individual teachers? Yeah, I learned that game… You don’t have to go far to hear discussions of EOCs and VoCats. Even AutoTech worries about that. Let’s see… would I rather have a mechanic who did well on his standardized test or one who worked on a bunch of cars and knows them inside and out but can barely read? Yup, I think I’ll go with the latter.

    Anyhoooo… yes, we’re here. Safely. And ready to celebrate Christmas and chill…..

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