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  1. This looks nothing like diet food to me! Are you planning to share? I’m worried that this is the result of too much stress. Let me know how it goes!

  2. Stress, why would I be stressed? December is official “no diets allowed” month. I plan on giving you some, when are you stopping by to get it? I’m almost done, but it looks like the baking might spill into my Sunday.

  3. Sarah,

    I am off to a week at NCCAT (in Cullowhee) for pottery…shhh! I will be there from Monday until Friday and it is going to be so great! You can go when you complete three years of teaching and must take advantage of this opportunity. This is definitely the best thing North Carolina offers for its teachers and nobody seems to know much about it. This is my 5th time!

    I do plan to be on FHS’s campus on Monday the 20th for exams. I heard that Jim is going to be your proctor for an exam. You’ll have to motivate him to help you or else he’ll just sit around! He is like me…used to just administering to one or two kids who get mods. I don’t know how we got to be so lucky this year! I’m a proctor for Joan Holcomb for English I.

    Hope to see you when I return. Looks like you’ve got your hands full if you get all that baking done!


  4. I did see that your significant other will be my proctor, indeed. It’s nice to see that some work gets done in that family (vs. going off to make pottery during the busiest time of the year, that is)…..
    Anyhoooo… the cookies are complete. It’s been a long two days of sugar and butter and flour and chocolate. I just frosted all the delectable treats while watching the 3 hour season finale of Survivor. Multi-tasking…. I learned it from teaching.

  5. Haven’t gotten my hands in the clay yet but will do that first thing in the morning. We’ve been doing all that “team building” stuff so far. I’m off to a great dinner and then another session with the potters in residence!
    Multi-tasking…I think you learned that from your first mentor!

  6. I wish I was retreating right now. EOC reviewing and whatnot. Bleh.
    Multi-tasking — inherited from my MOM, I think.

  7. whoa. dude. them are some cookies.

    um. i love the picture of you that derek has on his splash page. rules. and the tepidino shot, rules too.

    i am very excited about the cookies now that i realize how serious you are about it. we are going to make the coolest frosting cookies ever.


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