I’m a Slacker

Haven’t posted in forever….
I’m a slacker.

The truth of the matter is, I have been extreeeeeemely busy. Basketball is now in full swing and the school year is winding down (we’re on semesters). It’s quite hectic. Throw all the Christmas “stuff” in the mix (shopping, cookies, decorating) and it makes for a very tired, stressed and busy Sarah.

Well, enough complaining I suppose… Here’s an update of what’s going on here:
1. Our girls basketball team is 3-0. We won last night against Lexington (where I once taught – way back). They played very hard and very disciplined. It was a fun game.
2. We’re getting ready to spend the day doing Christmas things. Probably cookies and cards. I guess. Maybe. We’ll see…
3. I think that’s it. We obviously got back from NY safely. I hope to have some pictures sometime soon. But for now, here’s Dereks: Thanksgiving in Batavia

That’s all from here for now.

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  1. Slacker,
    Glad to see that you’re back! I have checked everyday for updates from your family trip. Looks like you had lots of fun with Jake! My favorite pics are the one where you are the candy maker and Jake in Lucy’s crate. Of course, you were kinda cute in the Charlie’s Angels pose, too! I’m proud of the Lady Falcons!

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