We’re Baaa-aaack!!!

Back in Winston-Salem. Aaaahhh….
We came home yesterday, from our week long adventure in blustery Western New York. The trip was wonderful. For Christmas I got:

  • socks
  • a violin
  • a board game
  • two (2) pairs of slippers
  • a bunch of fun dip
  • vanilla bean noel body spray (the only one i was missing from my Christmas collection)
  • a robe
  • a mug with my name on it
  • a sock drawer organizer
  • other stuff that I’m forgetting at the moment….
  • Anyhoooooo… we had a great time while we were there. I averaged a pound a day — weight gain, that is… beef on wicks… sport of kings breakfasts… pizza pizza pizza…. wings wings wings… COOKIES!!!…. i ate soooo much!!! Now for the New Years Resolutions…

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    1. When is the concert? I want to be there! Is this an old pasttime or something totallly new?
      I’m glad that you are back HOME in NC! We went to see the boys play in the Frank Spencer Classic and they were so FLAT (as my husband so politely informed his family!) He is really worried that they will not be ready for SHS game next week. It’s coming soon!
      Hope you have a wonderful few days off at home. I’ll see you in the new year!

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